23 June 2011

Plastic fantastic

I while ago I posted a picture of my plastic animals. Well, the collection has grown so I'll post a new one! I would really like some raccoons, hedgehogs and ermines :)

I hope everyone will have a wonderful midsummer tomorrow! It's a day about flowers, fairies, dancing, myths, love and strawberries... that's rather nice.


  1. woow so nice! reminds me my childhood I used to collect a lot of things, including plastic animal... by now i have a little collection of very small crystal animal... they are so cute :3

  2. everything you post is such an inspiration to me! i feel creative when i look at your art even if i'm experiencing artist's block. :)

  3. hooo, beautiful collection!! As a kid I had many similarities, Argentina industry (my country) or hong kong, yet keep them.
    I have also all chocolate miniatures collection Jack. I invite you to my blog:
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires.