01 June 2011

Josefina and Fredrik

Another fake wedding shoot (although these two lovebirds are married) for my commercial portfolio. I've wanted to photograph Josefina for a while now so it was fun :)
I know that these photos may not be very fun or artsy, but I have to start gathering a portfolio that can speak to the everyday person as well (if I wan't to make some money one day).

I shot Josefina for my daydream series as well, more from that soon.

Robert sent me a funny video of a cat washing himself in the sink, weird huh?


  1. I love your photography, you are doing an awesome job, these colours, those lambkins. I love it :)

  2. Vilka fina bilder, som alltid. Nu är magasinet klart och vi vill verkligen tacka dig för att cu ville vara med!

    Du kan hitta det här: http://issuu.com/idemmagasin/docs/idem
    hoppas att du tycker om det

  3. Det är ju vi, kul o se. Du är duktig.
    kram, j & f