21 June 2011


Robert helped me out with these photos so I'm not sure who to give credit here :)
These are actually just shot with my little S90, I can recommend it to anyone who wants a tiny camera that can shoot RAW. I waited for a long long time before I decided to get a tiny camera as well... fearing that I would shoot less with my big one if I did, but I really haven't. I use the tiny one when I'm shooting my friends or when I'm on vacation. I don't have a need for high res pictures then. And then there are times when you really don't want a big clumsy thing taking up you entire bag. If I bring my big camera I always insist on bringing two extra lenses with me as well. So it ends up being quit heavy to carry.


  1. You are a great photographer and artist! My mother and I adore your blog. :D

  2. Du är så otroligt fantastiskt fenomenalt begåvad. Och din frisyr, jisses vad fint! Det är när jag ser sånt jag kan ångra lite smått att jag klippte av 30 cm hår för någon månad sedan.

  3. Wilma: Oh, that's so sweet! Thank you for following :)

    Anna: Tusen tack! Man måste stå emot begäret att klippa hår, långt hår är ju så fint så fint :) Men nästan alla tjejer jag beundrade som hade superlångt hår har ändå klippt axelkort, blir lätt så!