08 June 2011

Grey sky

Wow, I woke up to a grey sky and rain. Felt really nice! Most people in Sweden need a few days of from the sun now and then, we're just not that used to it. At least I'm not, maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone else. But you must agree that it can be really nice when it's been boiling hot a long time and then there comes a cool day were you can stay in without having angst.
I have a photo date with a 12 year old today. I'm working on my daydream series and I wanted a girl on a horse... and I got one in like 2 minutes when I took a jogging tour to the ponyclub. I like how children can be really open to ideas and that they're like... always free... so we could arrange the date already today. When I need to arrange a photodate with grownups it takes weeeeks for the schedules to match and for the weather to be right.
However, the girl will have to wear a body so I hope the rain will stop otherwise she'll get a cold and then I'll have some angry parents on my tale. I got really jealous of her, she was so pretty and she had this gorgeous white horse. And I was like... I wan't to be 12 years old and have a horse!

Photos above are of Mira and Robert.


  1. kraftfulla bilder, den översta gav mig en rysning


  2. hehe, hoppas det går bra på fotograferingen! puss

  3. these are absolutely amazing- like stills from a movie x

  4. your photos series seems pretty nice. look forward to seeing it when it's done :D