10 June 2011


Oh, I forgot to tell you, a couple of girls featured some of my drawings(the ones that are for sale) in their magazine.
It's called IDEM and it has a bunch of creative swedish bloggers in it. I'm somewhere in the end. You can look at the magazine here.
I think more people should gather good photography and art blogs, otherwise it can be hard to find your way around aaaall those fashionblogs out there. I think fashionblogs can be really creative and fun, like style bubble, but I also think that unfortunately a lot of girls don't know the difference between blogging about really interesting fashion and what they buy at gina tricot or h&m. But it can't be that easy to know when you're twelve :)


  1. jeg skrev et miniinnlegg om tegningene dine her forleden selv: http://hysjduskremmerfisken.blogspot.com/2011/05/ulrika-kestere.html

  2. Åh så kul, tack för att du delade med dig Kjersti! Alltid väldigt smickrande när någon bloggar om en :)

  3. Your hair look really nice and IDEM is a great thing.

  4. yeeeeeeey........va niiiiiceeee...so happy for youuuu loooove