04 June 2011

First summer swim

Since me and Robert like to bath kallbad (sauna+sea), today wasn't really the first swim of the year for me. It was however the first summer swim. I've been rather off in my mood the latest days so it felt so good when I flapped around in the smooth cold water. I was by myself today, so I couldn't sit and chat with anyone while I tanned so I simply had to listen to the group of girls next to me who were fiercely discussing wether Jacobs abs were real or not in twilight. Most of them agreed that they were not. I think they're mistaken.
After swimming I tried to photograph a little but sadly ended up looking like a fat walrus on all the pictures. Time to start jogging or what?


  1. always adore the way you take photographs & what a funny story :D

  2. So lovely! Kallbad sounds wonderful!

    (And, I don't think it's possible for you to look like a fat walrus of any sort! haha ;D)

  3. wie wunderschön! ich bin ganz verliebt:)
    alles liebe,
    lisa xx


  4. Haha, thank you, you're so nice :)