27 May 2011

The Photo Bag

Ok, so I've been a terrible little blogger lately, the reason for that is that I've been so busy finishing my school project (this bag + presentation + booklet) that I haven't even had time to do hygienic things like wipe my butt or shave my armpits.
But now it's done and I can kiiinda breath out, although I still have a few things to finish during next week. But then I'll have summer break and boy oh boy will I finally have time to do my own crap.
The bag is a out-in-the-forest, flexible in size, photo bag. With a dry pack cloth compartment in the bottom and in-foldable lens pockets on the sides.


  1. Haha, you are far too nice, I've been staring at it for a week now so I'm starting to think that it's hideous :)

  2. No! It's not hideous at all!
    I love it too! It looks so sweet, funky & a bit vintage. Is it going to be for sale anywhere? My camera would kill for this kind of housing!!!

    & GOOD LUCK!

  3. It's amazing, well done Uli.

  4. cool! tycker den var fräsig och genomtänkt! har du sytt den helt sj?
    Praktisk och inte allt för stor :) gillar reklam bilderna också ;)

  5. Hih, it's so sweet when people ask were they can buy my products after I've made them :) Off course this is only a school project and it will not be produced.
    Angus: ja jag sydde den helt själv..faaan vad jobbigt det var! Fick bunkra upp mig med min symaskin och Lollo från morgon till natt flera dagar i rad.

  6. Oh my, this must be the nicest camera bag ever! Great job. :D