28 May 2011

Goose ducklings

Oh, I can't get enough of these! So cute and poofy :) I will tell you that their parents pooped a whole lot but these little ones mostly just nibble on grass.
On the last photo it's my fault that the family is running off. The parents and ducklings were resting in the grass and then I stumbled out of the bush like a fat rhinoceros and they had to evacuate. I felt a little guilty. But if animals stopped being so stressed out all the time the nature photographers might get a chance of documenting their pretty faces. Äh, but who am I to speak? I'm the most nervous little geek in the world. I sometimes think that that's what make me so close with animals, that I'm just as nervous as they are. Heh, I wish right? Can't admit that I'm a geek so I try to compare myself with cool animals :)


  1. undra hur det skulle kännas att svälja nånting när man har så lång hals..

    jättefina bilder ullbull! :)

  2. Tack robbi bobbi lobbi... jag tror det skulle vara spännande att svälja saker. Tänk på morgonen när de är helt varma och lulliga i hela kroppen, så ger de fram och dricker lite vatten och så känner de det kalla bara rinna ner längst med hela hissen :D

  3. Goslings not Ducklings-Nice blog!