04 April 2011

Pale pink

My bum got muddy while taking this picture. But you can't tell can you?
I can't wait for the trees to get some leafs on them... it's really hard for a self portrait shooter like me to find locations were I'm not seen by people walking by. And my favorite place was occupied by kids when I wanted to take this picture... whaat? So I had to go to another place... a muddy one.

The braid is a fishtale, if you don't know how to make one there is a tutorial here. Although, you hardly need a tutorial, all you need to do is to split your hair into two parts and then just take a little from each side every time.
A beautiful mess posted a great tutorial about how to make a maiden braid, haven't done one of those yet so I should try it out :)


  1. häjhäj! nä precis, så är det ju. som tur är har det aldrig hänt mig att något har tagit slut precis samtidigt som någon annan har beställt. man får se till att ha lite koll och ta bort produkten direkt när den är såld. jag är för snål för att betala för shopen, haha.

  2. wow this picture is incredible
    I really like it <3

  3. åh, det var något av det finaste jag sett. dör lite

  4. beautiful shot. so pure, and silent.