23 April 2011

Happy easter and happy birthday

Happy easter to you and happy birthday to me!
I hope you'll eat a lot of eggs and see some really nice bunnies.
Today I turn 23 and I've decided to spend it with my favorite person(Robert) in my favorite place(the forest). I'll be turning 63 years the next time I'll have my birthday on easter.

The first flower macro has arrived. The insects were really cuddled up in the new fresh flowers in the botanical garden. So beautiful. Hah, although I actually think that the bug on the second photo was drowning in pollen. I actually had to save a bee that was trapped in a tulip. He'd also completely drowned in pollen and was buzzing mad as hell. He couldn't get out. So I flipped the flower down and he rushed away (probably to have dinner with his family)


  1. Love that last photo, great colours.
    And Happy Birthday!! enjoy

  2. beautiful pictures! And happy birthday to you :D I hope you are having a nice easter too ;) Especially today :)

  3. Hey, happy birthday. I really love your photography and art and I hope your birthday is perfect!

  4. I admire the amount of thought and effort you put into your work. It really pays off. I am always astonished by the beauty of your photos.
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Thank all of you, you're so kind :)

  6. Happy Easter! Happy Birthday!

    I tried out your egg dying technique, and it was great! You can see the eggs here:

  7. That's great junaluska, if you would have tied the onion tighter to the egg you might have gotten a clearer press!