07 March 2011


Well, you wouldn't believe the flight I had up to the north. The turbulence was maaad, luckily I'm not scared of flying. I looked at the stewardess while the plane was shaking... and since she simply looked bored I figured there couldn't be any danger. The worst turbulence is when landing and lifting, and since I had to lift and land 4 times..and got pretty shaken. Like a milkshake! Yeah. Cool.
Something that wasn't to cool though was that my luggage didn't make the last plane with me and that they forgot to pick me up and that it was a slapping snowstorm. That's life! It's kinda gross though when you can't shower and change your clothes after you've sat in sloppy airplanes all day.


  1. what a lovely photo!
    it really made me stop my mad clicking through internet sites...to look and look and look again.
    your work is simply wonderful.
    i'm always pleased to come back here to see what you've been up to.

  2. Thank you for your kind words :)

  3. Du ser mäktig ut på denna bilden! Ser ut som att du svävar ut från skogen, nästan som Morran men hetare. Hoppas du äger i klassrummet också :)

  4. Hihi, mäktig Morra, det är grejer det!