06 March 2011

I'm heading north

I'm flying up to Lofoten today (it only takes three airplanes to get me there ;). I'll be gone until saturday. I've checked the weather during my landing... wind 20m/ sec and heavy snowfall...help! I'm starting to wonder if I'll even get there tonight or if the planes will stay on the ground.
Hopefully I'll get creative and have something to show here. Let's hope so. But I'm teaching almost all day and when I'm done there'll only be a few bright hours left.


  1. vad fina bilder!
    lycka till där borta babe.. jag kommer sakna dig!

  2. gorgeous girl with gorgeous hair! and i love seeing metric units... (20m/s i have no idea what that means... mi/hr? nonconforming U.S.) sounds like you had a rough journey but made it safely, yay :)