28 February 2011

Free feeling

If I would work as a freelance photographer... and drive around to diffrent places were I would need to shoot - I could probably have a dog! Imagine that! Yaaay.
If I worked as a freelance photographer.
I've applied for a job as a interior photographer for brokers, not the most glamorous job, but it would be nice to get paid for once for using my camera ^_^ Haha, well, I'm keeping my hopes up but me expectations low. But I'm starting to think that maybe, it shouldn't be that much of a hustle to become a freelancer. Especially since my gut is telling me that this designer thing might not be my cup of tea.
But back to the dog thing though, Robert has opened up his eye for corgis, he sent me these links...they are pretty adorable aren't they?
Did you know that queen Elizabeth has 16 of them?


  1. I really like these photos.
    Aspecial 2nd one!

  2. Skogs mys, ser riktigt härligt ut!

    om du inte redan följer denna bloggen rekommenderar jag starkt att du börjar =D http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/

  3. milk tooths...det var det värsta!

  4. I hope your dream will come true !

    i keep my fingers.
    You're my inspiration~!
    Thank you