22 February 2011

5 sec happy time

Shooting 5 second exposures before bedtime is rather fun. You play around with your face and hands and find a surprise everytime you look through your memory card.

I'm really lucky to have a camera. Every time I hold it in my hand I feel complete. I know that with this little thing I can create and be happy. Sometimes I wonder how I can find photography so fantastic while it's nothing special for others. Just as some love everything about football while I can't see the charm in it. Do we pick our interests or do they pick us(Ha-ha)? How does our brain fall in love with something? I think that it can in many cases have something to do with what our friends like, but photography wasn't like that. I just started, making these awful photographs, but with time I got better and now I really believe in myself. I'm a pretty harsh critique today, having very little mercy on bad amateur photographers. However, I was very lucky that no one gave me a slap in the face while I was in my learning period. Everyone has a chance to be a good photographer, so it's not really fair to be to hard on someone who's just learning the game. But some people have photographed for over 10 years and are just on the same spot as they began. Their eye for light, composition, models and style doesn't improve. And they never bother to understand how the camera works in manual mode.
I'm always surprised by the people who buy a single lens reflex (SLR) camera and are yet to lazy to learn about aperture and shutter speed and all that. What's that ab-uuut?

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