18 January 2011

Ulrika Kestere 2006-2010

I thought it might be a good idea to collect my favorite photos from the past years into a book. And so I did. But as always pictures on print don't seem as luminous compared to seeing them on the screen. I'm one of the few I think that really likes seeing photography on the screen and not so much on print. Off course, I love having photography on print too, but I think the colors look really great on screen. Especially things that shine, flares and such glows.
If I get some time to change the book I think I want the photos to be a tad smaller, there's too little white space right now, I feel like the photos can't breath.
I've ordered this from a company named blurb.
You can actually buy the book here, if that would be something you might consider :) In my case it was cheaper to buy it in english pounds.


  1. Va arg och ledsen jag såg ut.

  2. You photos are so beautiful and.... fashion ;)

  3. Patrik, men det var kallt och jag kastade kalla ballonger med kall mjölk på dig, då kan man nog se rätt arg och ledsen ut.

  4. Amazing pictures you have here! So inspiring, such a dreamy world...

  5. Your photos are beautiful and this is such a nice idea for a keepsake for you! x