31 December 2010

a new year

Tomorrow it's january, that feels a little strange. December this year has been just like you would like a december to be, snowy and calm.
Yesterday the fog had left all the trees covered in white crystals, so I forces Robert to take his shirt of and pose for me in the beautiful winter landscape.

Happy new year everyone! And thank all of you who take the time to peak in at ulicam now and then. It means the world to me.

See you next year - Uli

29 December 2010

Calendar, January

Illustration for January from my calendar 2011.

28 December 2010

Jewelry/chocolate rabbit box

The tea rat I made for my dad was made of such hard wood that it took me days to get a shape out of it. So when I made my last gift for my sister, I asked the workshop dudes what the best lightweight yet dark wood was. And so I ended up with mahogany! The head and the paws are of mahogany, a really really light material, almost sandy.
Right now it's filled with cognac chocolate truffles but it's meant to be a jewelry box (with a Alice in wonderland feel).

27 December 2010

Japanese tea rat

Christmas gift to my dad.

25 December 2010


Christmas gift to my mother. A vasa-fox. Since my mum skied the tjejvasa last year and will again this year.
Made in my schools workshop.

22 December 2010


How nice is it with winter break? So nice. I feel my body coming back to life. Not going to school can really make you happy. And, it sucks to say, but school has been really boring this semester. Boring and stressful. No project has been fun. The thought of dropping out has crossed my mind more than once. I see all these teenage-blogger girls who have their own business and earn money by taking really simple (and sometimes really bad) photos for people. And then I'm like...whaaaae, I could do that!
And I will....eh eh eh. I have too. But I'm not dropping out. However I think it's time to think about putting myself out there more, even if it's just simple things like wedding and family photos. But I feel like I really need some tips on were to start. What comes first?
First came the egg and then the chicken.

18 December 2010

14 December 2010

greenhouse in winter

Warm greenhouses, empty of people, in the middle of town are real treasures during the winter.
Look at that bird in the last picture, in swedish it's called a vakel. Do you get more round than that? Haha, look at it... that's a real TOTT!

13 December 2010

School project: handtool

So then, what is this???
What has Uli designed?
Is it some useless shit?

It's a flashlight / night lamp made for children and nerdy design collectors.
It doesn't run on batteries but is charged up by hand. There is actually quit a lot of hand-chargeable flashlights on the market right now. And it makes sense. You don't have to charge it a very long time. I bought a really cheap one a while ago... it shone for over 3 hours after I charged it for like... 8 seconds.
So either you use it as a flashlight (for indoor use mostly) or you charge it up and leave by the bed as a nightlight.
Robert was a real sweetheart and helped me with making the 3D-models (bottom pictures). Top picture is of the model from the workshop. Body material is wood. Cone is from a indian tonic bottle.
I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, there are still a lot I'm not sure about concerning it's shape, color and material.

11 December 2010


Last two days of school is coming up. Then I'll be rolling around like a worm all day, just like Lollo.
Maybe I'll do an actual photo shoot too? Wouldn't that be nice.

10 December 2010


This animation is so so so so sweet. Please see all of it, even if you think it's a bit slow in the beginning :) This is a real inspiration for us who love stop motion.

06 December 2010


After a long walk through the snowy forest and a big bowl of pumpkin soup, me and Robert thought it was time to build a snow animal, since the snow was finally moist enough.
It's face had some problems, at first Robert made it and I started to complain that it was too scary. So I gave it a weird-looking hat and tried to change the nose a little... and then it sort of looked like a weird old lady animal. So we made the nose bigger... and then it looked like it had a beak. The kids living next door came out and said "Look at the sword!". That's not right. Robert went home and I changed the face a last time... so now it's an elephant thingie with a hat? Maybe?
It's really big, if you stand on it's back you reach up to it's hat :)

Here's my snow animals from last winter, they died after one day :(

05 December 2010