31 October 2010

Home sweet home

Ah, it is nice to be back home! Fresh cool air and yellow autumn leaves :)
I don't have a lot of awesome photos from the trip (except from me and Robert goofing around) but I'm sure I can find some silly monkey pictures to post.
Meanwhile, look what I found in the mail back at home! It seem I'm featured in the swedish FOTO magazine. It's funny, I wanted to send in my photos in the "young photographer" section in this magazine when I was like 14 years old... now I did it 8 years later. Heh, not as young anymore. Still not very old I guess. Well, it was a fun surprise anyway!

18 October 2010

I'm on vacation

Hi everyone, me and Robert are going away to Thailand for 2 weeks so the blog will rest a little.
See you soon!

13 October 2010

Matthew Albanese

If you haven't heard of mr Albanese before you might think that these are real landscapes. But they're actually made by hand.
I would love to make my own little landscape to get away too, these past days haven't been all that. School is driving my crazy. I'm drawing little people hanging themselves in my notebooks.
You can see how Matthew makes his landscapes here. And more photos of the landscapes here.

11 October 2010

06 October 2010

Red sheets

I thought it was time to go out to my favorite little place to shoot another self-portrait. Gosh, there are so many fun things I can do by myself now that I've got a portable self trigger. I'v got my boyfriend to thank for that :)

Arthur Rackham

Illustrations by Arthur Rackham
I found the old book about Peter Pan at the library, about how he became Peter Pan. Off course, I never got the time to read it, but I had the time to look at the pictures and come to the conclusion that Arthur Rackham is a very good artist indeed :)

03 October 2010

Joanna Hellgren

Illustrations by Joanna Hellgren from the book Frances, Épisode 1. I had the luck of finding it at our public library. It has this great feel to it. I'm not much of a comic girl, but when it's done like this it's more like reading art.

Visit www.joannahellgren.com for more lovely illustrations.

Today is kanelbullens day! Haha, so bye bye homework and hello me going to the market for flour :D

You were in my dream

Yes that's my face! And if you have a webcam you can have some fun too :) Through the internet you can experience a small portion of this artwork made by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine. The real life installation is touring across Australia in 2010/2011.
Visit www.youwereinmydream.com to see this beautiful stop motion.

Oh and yes, have a wonderful sunday!