30 June 2010

Elizabeth McGrath

This lady does some really cool stuff! Find her homepage here.


I'm trying to write at the moment, but gosh do I suck at it.

28 June 2010


Today I saw a movie about an Akita dog called Hachiko. It's based on a true story and it made me cry so badly that I had tears running down my neck. But you can't throw a dog story at me without me getting emotional. This is what I found on wiki about the real story:

In 1924, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo took in Hachikō as a pet. During his owner's life Hachikō saw him out from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return on the usual train one evening. The professor had suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage at the university that day. He died and never returned to the train station where his friend was waiting. Hachikō was loyal and every day for the next nine years he waited sitting there amongst the town's folk.

Hachikō was given away after his master's death, but he routinely escaped, showing up again and again at his old home. Eventually, Hachikō apparently realized that Professor Ueno no longer lived at the house. So he went to look for his master at the train station where he had accompanied him so many times before. Each day, Hachikō waited for Professor Ueno to return. And each day he did not see his friend among the commuters at the station. This continued for nine years with Hachikō appearing precisely when the train was due at the station.

During this time, it turned out that there was only about 30 purebred Akitas remaining in Japan, but when the story about Hachiko got out in the newspapers the dog was thrown into national spotlight. So eventually, Hachiko's legendary faithfulness became a national symbol of loyalty and is now one of the most commons dog breeds in Japan.

24 June 2010

21 June 2010


I've put together a new desktops picture, these are some including images.
Now, I think I will make myself some more tee and see a movie all by myself, because sometimes that can be nice too. You can choose all by yourself, and if it sucks you don't have to worry about the person sitting next to you being bored by the crap you just picked out. Not even the cat'll be bored because he's out eating grass and chasing flies.

18 June 2010

over 500

I can hardly believe it, but I've actually posted over 500 posts at Ulicam. That's a little disturbing. Rather SICK actually!

16 June 2010

15 June 2010

in poppy meadow

It's great having some time over to photograph again. And also it's good for me, putting the camera down will only make you rusty and slow. And in order to be a great photographer you have to think of color and light at least once a day.
It's really hard not to think of color when you see a gorgeous poppy meadow! Oh, and those red tulips, don't you just want to eat them??
My model this time was my beautiful mother.

14 June 2010

13 June 2010


12 June 2010

white horse

He looks so happy shaking his head doesn't he?
In just about one and a half week I'm going to TRY and get my drivers license, I don't even know what it's called in english, but you know - sit in the car with a dude/lady next to me and drive like a god and then get that card that will make me a little more cool?
So all you out there with drivers license, if you failed the first time - why did you fail? ( So I can prevent myself from failing with the same thing that is)

11 June 2010


I actually don't know if that can be considered a caterpillar of if it's just some sort of worm.

Two days ago I went to the hairdresser. The girl who cut my hair had just finished studying in high school. She was fully educated to be a hairdresser and doesn't have to study any more. I kind of envy that. And since she was so young she put a lot of time and effort into my hair. I kind of liked that.

10 June 2010

beach art

So, when I and Robert got left alone in Helsingør this weekend we took our small little feet and went down to a tiny beach were we collected some shells, fishbones, stones and such. Then we put it together into this beautiful thing. Proud we were.

09 June 2010


Finally I dusted off my macro lens and took it out for a spin in the botanic garden. I was afraid that the pictures would get blurry since it's a 90 mm compared to the 70 mm I shot the previous macro things with, but it worked fine, I have a steady hand. With a real macro you can get so very very close, it's wonderful. But oh my lord, did I get dizzy!! When I shoot I always hold my breath, and I was really concentrating on holding my hands steady and waiting for the wind to stop moving the flowers, so every shot took a little while and I always forget that I hold my breath, so in the end I got so many head rushes that I almost fainted.

When photographing these poppy flowers I really understood the "give away your flower" phrase (loosing your virginity that is). What can look more sexual than these flower buds?

08 June 2010

Big small collar

I'm really proud of Lollo who actually managed to relax a little during this photo shoot. He kind off looks like a king doesn't he? I really wanted him to look like royalty... although he's very very tiny.
It was raining all day yesterday, so I had no choice but to powder my cheeks and put on my pearl necklace.

07 June 2010

nap cat

This little guy likes to nap. And when he wakes up out of his blur he likes the lick the sheepfur he's laying on. Everyone with fur should have a little wash. That's how he sees it.
Although I think that naps are a waste of time, sometimes they are GREAT.

06 June 2010


I know macro is such a stupid cliché, but I can't help myself.
I found these little things in Roberts mothers garden.