29 May 2010


Crapers! Off course my body is starting to relax a bit too much now that school is over, so my throat feels slimy and dry at the same time. And a feel a little weak and pathetic, like a hamster who's pressed to much dry food into his cheeks. He looks fat and has a hard time to balance. I hope I won't do the same things like our hamster Urban did... which would be sit with his belly out, poop, take the poop and put it back into his mouth. Nothing is coming out of this body, that's probably what he thought.
Or maybe I'm feeling a little sick because I took that picture, sitting with no clothes on on a meadow that wasn't very warm at all! Mäh mäh määäh.

28 May 2010

Bye school

Top image: trying to laser cut some Korpusillustrations, the result varies a lot depending on which wood I used.
Middle image: The composed animal project, exhibited in a gallery in Malmö.
Bottom image: My desk at school

27 May 2010

Summer break

Tomorrow is the LAST day of school and after that my summer break is comming... which could mean that I can finally get more time to draw and photograph and make this blog alive! Because I really hate the way Ulicam has been fading away like a fart this year. I mean, yeah, compared to other people I have very few people reeding my blog, but I'm really happy for the ones I've got so I do want to make the blog active. Really, a big hug to everyone who takes the time to look here now and then, it really means a lot to me! So hopefully there will be more happening here during the summer.
I don't have any special plans for summer, my vacation money is going away to mine and Roberts Thailand trip in october (yes, we are nuts - going in the middle of the monsoon period :) so I mostly just want to lay on the beach and relax. Ok... that's not entirely true since I'm really bad at relaxing. I mean, I can take an one hours power-nap and then panic for wasting the time. But overall, this is my plan:
June Get drivers license
July Have at least 15 illustrations done for my book
August Have at least 10 photographs done for my new photoproject about dogs

But - I don't know how many summers I've said that I'll write my frickin' childrensbook. And I don't! Uli, get a grip!! I have to at least START this year. Or I'll have to give myself a slap.

A new porcelain piece by Kate MacDowell that I really like

24 May 2010

16 May 2010

Frédéric Fontenoy

© Frédéric Fontenoy

Found some interesting photography... really like the first ones.. and thought that the bellybutton thing was fun but also very CREEPY. Haha... there is something very strange with bellybuttons. Nice idea for a project though.
Find Fontenoys homepage HERE. I mostly liked the work I published here, isn't it funny when you find an artist who has done some work that you love and some that you just... don't?

13 May 2010

Natures own little kisses

I took a little trip to the botanical garden in Lund today. Hah, I always feel bad for my macro lens getting left home as always... but my normal one can pull of 2.8 at 70 mm, which works fine. All the flowers look so delicious close up, especially the tulips, yum yum! I love that spring is blooming all over town... I just wish that the weather could keep up as well, since it is freeezing!

10 May 2010

Rude people

Don't you just hate older people who are in some way in the estetic business and think that they're the gods of this world? Like, I've been working with art longer than you so I know what I'm talking about. Aurgh - it drives me crazy! And they don't even have to say something rude - it's simply the way they say it or the way they look at you.
One of our teachers said, in this business - be nice to people and work hard. That's the way to do it.
But some people are just utter ass holes. I just talked to one.


photo from milkpockets

06 May 2010

uli ull tumblr

Hello you people,

just wanted to mention that I've opened a tumblr page to have somewhere on the net where I can stash some inspiration. It is called uli ull and if you have the same taste as me it could be a page to take a look at when your inspiration is running low. I know that the last thing internet needs right now is another tumblr page, but I'm putting it up mostly for myself.

Link to ULI ULL

05 May 2010

Nicoletta Ceccoli

© Nicoletta Ceccoli
Beautiful artwork, see an interview and some of her work here

04 May 2010

03 May 2010


Just like last year, I insisted on going to a farm to see the cows run around outside for the first time this spring. So this is what we did yesterday, the photo of calves the is from the farm. The little horse bellow if a photo I took at the zoological museum in Lund a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was soo cute, imagine having a tiny small white horse like that? Running around on your desk making puff noises.