30 April 2010

26 April 2010


Went to my mum this sunday and enjoyed the sun in her garden. The air is finally WARM. It makes me happy inside. Wii. wii.
All pictures are taken with the new S90, I'm trying it out (and I like it).


24 April 2010

My new best friend

Ah, what do birthday do best if not THIS?
Gifts :D
And so I think that this little thing will become a very good friend of mine. But, don't be fooled! This isn't the regular canon shitty little ixus. No no. This is the S90, the little camera which fits in your pocket and can take RAW images and has the aperture of f/2.0. And with 2.0...you can say hello to nice evening pictures. Dark rooms. Black cats. Oh you know the drill.
My 30D will always be closest to my heart, but since it is to heavy and expensive to bring everywhere with me, I now have it's baby that I'll bring to every place I go.

21 April 2010

Lazy sketching

This is one of my some what ugly sketches I've cluttered down during a class. I actually don't know if you can use cluttered in that sentence. But I did. Hah!
Outside the wind is blowing hard and it is cold as hell, I've really noticed that this trip back to winter has made my mood go sour the latest days. I have this small tick in the back of my head that's pissed of all the time.
And all I need is a little sun with no wind.
Pretty much only one day left until my birthday. I'm kinda bad at celebrating birthdays. I always end up doing something silly like running around on a playground or watching Harry Potter. Like at a kids party.
But I'm turing 22, I'm not a child. But if I drink wine I can't go on the swings later because it'll make me ill (oh, who are we kidding, after you've passed 19 years, everyone get's a little sick after swinging around on the swings)

19 April 2010


This is the place to be :)
Typical scenario that I could wander of to during class. And people ask if I really want to write fairytales and design childrens toys. Do these people know me?? Why would I not want to do that?
Painting by Frederick Morgan, found through wet behind the ears

18 April 2010

Typography dogs

Found this great photo on this blog.
I Love it :)

17 April 2010


I'm really bad at using necklaces and rings and such. I have quit a lot of it, but most of the times I just think it's in the way. My sister is more of a bling bling fan than me. She still considers diamonds to be a girls best friend, while I still think that a dog would be a girls best friend ;)
Sometimes I like it, I just often forget to wear it.
My favorite one now is the one with the amber pieces hanging on a linen string. Maybe because it's from Latvia and doesn't feel so stiff as all the other jewelry out there.

16 April 2010


There is something about this volcano in iceland that worries me. I think it might do more harm than we think. And aslo... when people aren't able to fly home... that worries me too. Makes me think of when me and Vanja were stuck in Cashmere. One should always be able to go home.
The fact is... this thing could be vomiting ash for years! And also, if it vomits to much, we might get colder summers. Or atleast one cold summer. This summer. Help!

15 April 2010


Yesterday when I woke up there was a thick fog covering the planet (my planet around my house that is), and since I was free from school (hoorray!!) I went out and made some pictures up on one of my favorite personal hills (were my secret blackberrie bush is). I really like the first picture, I HOPE you do too because then we can be best friends - yay.

14 April 2010


The sun is shining yet I am freezing my behind of. Brrr. Everyone is fooled by the sun...but 11 °C is not warm. I will not strut around in a t-shirt only to end up with a cold for three weeks when the REAL summer starts!

13 April 2010

600 px

I've actually added 100 pixels to the picture frames on the blog.
Big is the future.
Small images with copyright text on them seem to be in the past.
(But then also, someone (you know who you are) keeps complaining that they can't see my images because they're so small ;)

04 April 2010

Hi Ulicamers, I think that I'm going to take a short little blog break, at least for a week or two. There isn't much for me to post at the moment. I hope to come back soon.


01 April 2010


Hei hei hei and happy easter!! I've already done my first onion coloring with eggs today. It's been great :) And tomorrow I'm doing it again with my girlfriends and on saturday with my mum. Wooooo..eeeeeggs. Eggs eggs egg.
The photos above are of a model named Emma. I'm trying to get a foot in at sweden models to be able to work with their new faces during the summer (so that for once I might be able to work with photography a little). But first... I have to show them that I'm not a garbage girl and make some photos for free for a couple of girls. I've always frown upon when people want you to do a bunch of things for free. Do they really want to see if you're good enough or do they just want to squeeze some juice before they pay for the oranges?
But hey, that's life!
I hope your easter is glorious! I'm gonna put in a little post about the wonderful onion egg coloring later.