27 March 2010

Braid: Dutch Braid

So here we have a dutch braid. It pops out a little more than a french braid since it is braided in the opposite direction. Instructions on how to make one - here and here.
Thanks to Lollo, I know have scratch marks on my back and upper arms... that little shitcake.

If you're into owls, there is a blog that blogs just about owl things: my owl barn

26 March 2010

Braid: Fishtail

I thought that maybe I could do a series of different braid photography. If that... by any chance...could be interesting. And so the fishtail braid is first up! Fishtails always look a little extra pretty and if you don't know how to make one, there are instructions here, here and here! Some people (that being female people) seem to think it's really hard - but it's actually even more simple than a usual braid. Instead of separating the hair into 3 piece you separate it into 2!
I love when girls with long hair make long braids. Often, the braid are prettiest if you make them strong and then wrench them a bit so that they don't look so straight and boring.

Apart from braids, this is my first easter break day! It has been gorgeous. It's been so warm outside that I was able to lay in the garden in my bikini. And Lollo was really happy too and ran around and caught spiders and rolled round in the grass. And yesterday I found out that I had gotten the top grade in the mechanics exam! That was weird, I was like the top 4th in my class. which I really didn't think I would be since I was the only one screaming I don't get it!! during our classes. And then... then I found a sex and the city episode that I had never seen! Isn't that great ;) And then I ran up the stairs and made some monkey noises. And now I'm here.

23 March 2010

Meeting strange dogs

In Norway I visited two of my lofotenfriends, Inge and Mikkel. They gave me food, dessert and a rabbit (to hold for the evening). Inge asked if he couldn't get the unstad-Korpus picture, seen above.
And so I thought that I could write something short about the illustration. I started drawing Korpus in Lofoten, he always represented myself and so I drew different situations I had been in through the little scared Korpus-character. The picture above is from when I went with Inge and his brother one early morning to Unstad in Lofoten to watch and photograph when they surfed. It was freeeezing and they were out there in their wetsuits while I was sitting comfortably in many layers of wool and windproof fabric. After a while however, Inge got so cold that he had to go back to the car, so I kept him company togheter with a small black dog I had found strolling around on the beach. I remember that I really couldn't understand why anyone would want to go surfing when it was... like -8 degrees outside in icecold water. But, some people do! I wonder whose dog that was though... huueh. The photo under the illustration is also of a strange dog that I found in Sopot i Poland. Exciting with strange dogs! Hohoho.
Some people ask me if I have stopped drawing Korpus, but I can promise one thing, I'll never stop drawing Korpus! He's cool (although he's scared :)

Good bye winter, hello spring

So I'm back home, feels good - because spring is really knocking on the door here. The snow is pretty much gone, except for some sad little piles that stubbornly keep lying around in some places. But I've already started planing some seeds (flowers, mint, herbs etc) and done a little little spring cleaning. And soon... soon there will be time for painting eggs and visiting the rabbits and YES: I am free the entire next week. Yay!
The picture above was taken during my second year as a student in Lofoten.

21 March 2010

Leopard seal

My mum showed me this clip from a national geographic shoot, it's really cool!

20 March 2010

wet behind the ears

Wowza, the photos above are found through a great blog: wet behind the ears. Me like!

19 March 2010

The aquarium

You know I told you about a fishslideshow I went to... mostly for the snacks... well the snacks were boring and only gave my tummypain (and I remembered that I don't drink soda) , but the fish were nice and I got to meet the seals and otters that are next to the aquarium. After the show it was getting dark and everyone went back to the school but I stayed behind to listen to the otters make all their puffing noises... you know when they come up for air in the water and it's like "puummfff puummf" from their cute little noses?
Otters are very cute.

18 March 2010

visit ulrikakestere.com

There seems to be a little border problem for some people... that is, in some web-browsers all links have blue squares around them. I'd really appreciate if everyone with this problem could tell me wich browser they're using. I'll try to fix the problem during the weekend.

Well, it's been done! I've finally updated the homepage with some new stuff... haha, you might not notice what's new... but I do! And as long as I know that something has changed it feels good :) Of course, you have probably already seen the new pictures anyway.
But it's done - so visit ulrikakestere.com

17 March 2010

Here's your set

Hello darlings!
Maybe I was rude when I wrote that I'm going up to Lofoten but didn't really mention what I'm dong here. I'm back at my old photoschool to be a guest teacher for a week. Yesterday I had an introduction about myself and what I've done so far in my life and then I had a class about face retouching. Today I've talked about fashion photography and given the student an fashion photo assignment. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about were I find my inspiration and after lunch we are going to take some pictures and practise putting the model into interesting poses. So today after lunch I tried to put together a set were we could shoot the model - seen on the photo above. So the picture is of the SET, it is not a picture of Uli. Although she is in the picture.
But now, I have to go and wash my hair you see! Because in an hour I have to be down at the aquarium to see some slideshow of fish (I'm actually in it for the snacks) and then tonight I will hopefully get some help with updating my OLD homepage. Please please let it work! I can't stand having so many crappy pictures still on the page.

I hope your day has been shiny!
Lot's of love - Uli
(those are not my shoes...I'm not a circusfreak)

16 March 2010

15 March 2010

Little Kabelvåg

I'm up in Lofoten for a week, so my posting might be a little bad.
There is a lot of snow here.
More than usual.
See you

12 March 2010


I actually got a bouquet with orange tulips from my boyfriend yesterday, and he hadn't even seen my post. Tulips are soft...mmm.
Today hasn't been special, all I've done is realize that when I come back from Norway we are just starting up a new period of stress and boring subjects in school.
Booring I tell you!
Watch this green screen thing.

11 March 2010

Where in the world of panties is the sun????

Aaah... some fat juicy orange tulips being kissed by the sun. Orange tulips are my favorite flowers.
But now, that't not what I wanted to talk about... what I wanted to ask is; where in gods name has the sun gone of to? I mean sure, it can come out now and then - but it's not WARM. I really need warm! I need spring. It's been crappy cold weather for just about 5 months and you are starting to tell that people are getting sick of it. What's all this talk of global warming when we haven't had this long snowy winter for a really long time?

10 March 2010

Pentti Sammallahti

I hope Penttis dog photos are enough proof that wanting to be a dog photographer isn't crazy and that you can actually make something interesting of it.
These pictures make me happy.

09 March 2010

My very first stop motion

Well well well, look what I found in some old folders! This was the very first stop motion that I made a couple of years ago - I thought that all the files had been corrupted but it seems that time has done them some healing :)
This movie makes me really happy, it was about love - how love is an endless game... how you try to impress the person you like but fail... how you try to say something really clever but it doesn't quite do it... how you pretend you're mad at someone when you aren't...
all in all a lot of people didn't really see what I meant and thought the acting was bad and that it was weird with the color in the middle and everything. But I really know what I meant so I still really like it :)

08 March 2010

High and low

Hello from the mountains high and the forest low! The exam is done and now I have a week to do things that are just about me and not about school. That feels really nice.

Oh... and I can't help myself to write this, I saw the first 20 minutes of New Moon, had a few laughs and then I had to turn it off. How can two people possibly look so filled with pain all the time? Even when they kiss it's like they both have menstrual pain. It funny. Hihi. Teenagers in lovepain. What to do what to do.
I liked how this page described the first movie:
" Part of the trouble is the complete lack of character development. Bella is a teenager, has divorced parents, drives a truck and knows how to do a Google search. That is the approximate extent of all knowledge about her. Edward is a vampire who sparkles, has bad hair and loves Debussy. Chemistry between the two characters is nonexistent. It appears as though two cardboard cutouts have been animated to stare and breath heavily at one another while spewing clichés."

07 March 2010

Happy sunday

Hello hello in the cabin!
I just realized something, I feel really good :) I feel this warm calm sensation in my body...which is very rare since I am always stressing about something. I have my mechanics exam tomorrow but my nerves feel fine. Strange. I have how ever gotten a cold, but it is probably just from relaxing. You know...you relax... so your body relaxes... so you get sick.
I saw the first springflowers when I was going home from Robert this morning..and that always makes me superhappy. The sun is shining. The future doesn't look so numb. I have some ideas in my head.

Illustration above was drawn this friday during our day of wood-project presentations in school.

I wish you a superb sunday!
Lot's of love

05 March 2010

Soon the rabbit will come!

I'm telling you..easter is coming...and so are the rabbits and the bunnies and everything warm and nice and cuddly.
On monday we have the mechanics exam... then we are free the rest of the week... and then I'm of to Lofoten for a week.

03 March 2010

Composed animal by Uli

Here are the last pictures from my current wood project in school. An animal you compose into whatever you wish! I think this is a great thing to have..whether you are 4 years or 45 years. See a photo with more combinations here.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Love Uli

02 March 2010

Uli gets a helping hand from Lollo

When I have cardboard and shoeboxes all over my room Lollo gets really excited. He sits in all the boxes and touches all the cardboard and gets completely crazy with the bits I cut off. I think it's really sweet that he can get so excited over so little. A shoebox can make his day.