28 February 2010

Sneak peak

This is the current pieces of my school project, any idea what it is supposed to be?

I know that the updates are a bit slow right know, but school is getting in the way of my life.

23 February 2010

The black cat

It seems I finished coloring the picture... not truly satisfied but I guess I have to start somewhere,

22 February 2010


Well, looks like another weekend has slipped through our fingers! But there are more to come. More cuddling with your loved ones and eating of berry pies and baguettes.
So watch one of your favorite movies and enjoy the last bit of winter... because I promise you... spring is coming :D And I will have a picnic in the grass very soon.

18 February 2010

Building snowanimals

After a very very long day in school I felt that I had to get out a little. So I went all the way out to the front of the house and built my other snowanimal (who is starting to lean a little too much) a new friend. I like making them really big, the new one could be almost 2,5 meter tall. Hehe, but I love when kids walk by our house and stop to have a long look... or when their parents very carefully take a picture with their mobile camera thinking I can't spot them through the window. It's like having an art show in your front yard. Besides... I really need to act like a kid now and then. The things we do in school at the moment make me feel so terribly dumb that I really want to think about other things for at least a couple of hours when I get home.
Although snow sculpturing is fun... I SO LONG FOR SPRING right now.

15 February 2010

I'm coloring!

It's funny in a way that I try to make a big deal out of the fact that I've started coloring for the first time in a very long time with a wow look what I'm doing I'm so cool when the only one giving a shit is... well... me probably, but since I'm running out of posts during these dark winterdays I have to make fire out of ash!
So this is my fire! The whole picture will be posted when I'm done coloring... heh...but I'm as slow as a moron so it might take a while. Surprisingly I like it, I've always been afraid of color because it's so easy to mess everything up. You have to be good to know color. That's what I usually say about color photography too, to make a really juicy picture without it ending up looking like an annoying little shit can be a tricky. Not today...for me...eh (me me me) but when you're a new beginner... and you suck... because everyone has to suck a little at first... (I hate being bad at things! Why am I bad at so many things, why can't I rock at everything? I don't understand mechanics..and then there is mechanics... and yes I would like to BURN my mechanics textbooks...maybe that could be my next FIRE?). Eh, what I wanted to say is that if no one sucked then the ones who don't suck wouldn't be able to feel so good about themselves.
But then, some creatures don't understand that they are bad at things... like our cat, he doesn't know that he is really bad at talking and showing good manners... and since he doesn't know he doesn't feel bad and therefore he is really arrogant.
So if you don't suck a little during your life you will be just like our cat. With bad manners and a fluffy belly.
You do understand why I keep writing? It's because my mechanics textbooks are right next to me and the very minute I stop writing I have to continue with them...so I can't stop...can't...
oh crap
(and I didn't claim that I don't suck at coloring... that's not...it's not what I wrote..no no)

14 February 2010

The Boat That Rocked

This fabulous movie with it's fabulous soundtrack kind of reminds me of my time at folkhögskolan in Lofoten. The way you live in a little bubble with a bunch of people on a place were there really isn't any other people around. It's not really the way life usually works, but you sure get comfortable. I have to say though, if you have the chance to live like this for a while, you should try it! I think that some people love to move around a lot (like a backpacker) and meet new people every day, while there are other people who love grouphangs and really learning to love one place and love every persons personality just as it is.

I can recommend the movie to all who haven't seen it, I think it's hard to not love it!

Happy valentines everyone

11 February 2010

Esra Røise

A friend of mine showed me this illustrator and I thought the work was REALLY NICE :)
Norwegian Esra Røise, very talented!
Check out her homepage HERE.

10 February 2010

Thinking some more of summer

These pictures are from the little wooden house I lived in during the summer in Lofoten two years ago. It was so peaceful out there. No electricity. No water. Flowers and blueberries. Mountains and trees. When you went up the hill, that you can se behind me on the first photo, you could see sooo far away, and it was completely quiet (if it was a day without wind).
Then you could sit on a tiny rock just on the edge of the mountain and you knew that no one could find you up there. Here is a picture from an older post where I'm up in one of those spots. During summer I have spots all around where I live now too, places I go and take selfportraits or what know - where I know that no one would ever look for me. I do however think that I've shown my sister a place or two... just incase I would go missing and then who would know what bush to look in? Now during winter however... I don't have a single place like that.
What I love about finding special places during summer is that it could mean that you find berries that no one picks or tiny rabbits that no one pokes.

08 February 2010


Anyone else longing for the summer?
I can really feel the winterdepression creeping through my body, every inch of me feeling grey an useless. When it's this cold you simply feel like doing nothing beacuse you don't want to step outside unless you really have to and how much is there to do inside? I want to bathe in the evening sun and read a nice (not so long) book in the garden. Mmmm..bathe in warm sun. Eat strawberries.
Even a little warm rain would be nice.

07 February 2010

when you're cute

Found this adorable photo at ffffound, don't know who the photographer is.
Found some other things too, like this cat. And this...animal...thing.

Hope you're having a good sunday...I'm not getting anything done... as always!

06 February 2010

Stop the wolf from eating the rabbit

But the wolf was to strong for Korpus.

05 February 2010

Fox forest

I met these two guys in the forest.
I asked them how they got the swing up there.
They didn't know. They said they found it that way.
Then I asked him how he got up in it.
He said he didn't know. He just ended up there.

I think they do know, but because they're foxes they aren't going to tell.

This one is also drawn in school during boring presentations.

04 February 2010

Evil rodents

Korpus has got himself in the wrong crowd. Poor little guy.
It's nice when we have long presentations in school because then I can sit at a table and draw a little. Otherwise I never have time in school... and when I get home I don't really feel like picking up a pen. I feel like lying down and whining.
Whyyy is there so much snooow?
Whyy don't I get the mechanics?
Everyone gets nuts when we have this much in school. And then when we hardly have any tasks to complete everyone gets pissed of and complains about the education being slacky. Like... for slackers. And we think of ourselves as super-non-slackers... but really... inside... we are all rather lazy and wished we had a ton of cash and a really cute dog in our backyard (one with really soft ears..like a cocker spaniel has).

Btw, I've been so amazed by the fact that hedgehogs can swim, you can see it here and here for instance.

03 February 2010

Chris Berens

I know I have mentioned this guy before - but he has some new work on his homepage... and if you're as big of a fan as I am you might wanna take a look!

02 February 2010


dear readers,
you should see it

01 February 2010

Till Robert

I drew this for Robert during mechanics class. Because he is really snäll.
He drew a picture of dogs just beacuse I asked him to. I thought that was very nice. See it here.