30 January 2010

A picture inside a picture

This is a picture of Øistein for a Benspennproject we had last year. It's a cut photo inside the photo. Some people have a hard time seeing it. The picture was taken from Tess balcony in Italy.

It's a very cold saturday and I'm sitting at home working on school stuff. Puh. I am vomiting school-work/projects right now. I've had enough. I'd really like to get some hours to draw on my childrens book or to sort out the photos I want to put in my photobook..or the new photos I want to update my oh so old homepage with.

28 January 2010

26 January 2010

winter and fall

Above would be a photo of a very gorgeous person, trying to get some fresh cold air into our tiny room that were shared with 4 other people in Val Thorens. And below would be an older picture I took while that gorgeous person was away to Canada during the fall.

Me and Robert draw very differently. I make these simple ink pictures by hand that look like they've been done by a ten year old while Robert paints on the computer and really goes into the details and colors, here is one of his resent pictures.

And to other things, school has been a pain in my behind these latest days, we can't seem to finish faster than 18.00 every day and I haven't got time to study anything more/else when I get home because I'm completely beat. Ugh. And that's what grinds my gears... as Peter would say it.
I have actually made a spotifyplaylist... like... for you... with just a few songs that I like...so you can take it here <--

23 January 2010


Here are some images from our school trip that took us into the woods of Småland. The horses below were used to drag wood out from the forest, apparently the forest owners can save much more trees by using horses (who need less space) than big machines. Apart from this we visited a whole lot of factories...both wood and iron. We left 07.30 on monday morning and were home 21.30 on tuesday. So you can imagine that we were tired. Lucky us we had class from 09.00 to 21.00 the next day huh.
But running around in factories is no worry... especially since we're starting our mechanics classes now and I feel so stupid that I could loose my head.

Lady and the pet

I drew this one in France.
Not every lady has a lion.
Nope nope.

Avatar was pretty beautiful. Really good animation. The story might have been a little too plain for my taste and the american-feel was to obvious. But the main thing that bothered me...was...the DUDE sitting in front of me who was 200 meter tall and his fat head took up half the screen and the 3D effect was totally mushed!! I should have kicked that guys ass when we got outside. But since I had to make a sissy(pee) really bad when the movie was over I didn't have the strenght for that.
I would like to see it again, without the head.

21 January 2010

uli illustraded

Wow, it has been some looong days at school this week, but luckily I got of after lunch today so I could finally chill a little.
Tomorrow, me and gorgeus Robert are going to go and see what all the hussle is about Avatar. I thought the trailer wasn't all that so it's weird to hear everyone beeing so wowed about it. I just thought it would be some lame movie based on a videogame for teenage guys - guess not!
But I really like going to the 3D movies, it makes it worth the trouble going to the cinema.

18 January 2010

Home again

I've kinda been cheating with my posts while I've been gone, and just scheduled them all for each day. I didn't want to bring my laptop (and pay stupid 2,5 euro per 10 minutes) but I didn't want the blog to freeze for a week.
Ulicam shall not freeze!

Above are some pictures from Val Thorans, first a view from the 3200 meter top were you could see alps all around. My very unafraid Robert is the one jumping on the second photo. Not the kind of picture a sports magazine would have wanted... but I like it better when you can see a lot of body and not when they are holding on to the board like a little ball. Robert is the opposite of me in the mountains. I'm looking like a old lady with my skiis while Robert is flying off-pist with his board beeing all cool and thinking of more coolness while I'm probably thinking of hot coco. I guess that as long as I'm thinking of cuddly animals and trolls I'm never going to be a true coolness-skiing-girl ;)
There was a 24 hour busride home and only very little energy left in my body to celebrate my arrival with mashed potatoes and an episode of family guy. And... just my luck, today we're going away with school (yes: BUS) to småland to look at wood and spend the night sleeping in old beds and paying to much for simple food. I'm home tomorrow night and on wednesday I have class from early morning to very late evening.
And all I really want to do... is... reeeest. Just rest.

17 January 2010

Trees are pretty, they look like dough! (as do I)

This one is from the garden in Louisiana in Denmark.
The Louisiana museum has a great green space... so if you're bored with the art inside you can go outside and enjoy natures art instead! Wasn't that nicely put? I can get so deep sometimes. It's amazing.
The selfportrait above is just one I handpicked from a series were I made some photos-for-later-illustration... if you know what I mean.

15 January 2010

Lollo the angry dude

I always miss this little bastard when I'm away from home.
And then when I get home he just slaps me in the face.
Like...like... like he didn't even care that I was gone!

10 January 2010


Remember summer?
With the flowers?
The sun?
The tanned legs?
The sheep?
The beach?
Oh my oh my.

09 January 2010

4 dogs

hello hello hello!
I'm still away!
These are illustrations I made two weeks ago.
yes yes yes

08 January 2010

I'm off!

Today I'm heading on a very long bussride down to Val Thorens in France togheter with my boyfreind and some of his friends.
My ass will be flat when we arrive...that is all I have to say.

The picture above is from...hmm..the end of the summer.. it might even have been autumn.

07 January 2010

Icy pants

I found some cool bloggirls here.
If you like cute otters holding their tiny cute offspring, see this.
If you like seeing russian kids playing an accordion like crazy, see this.
But if what you really want to see is a cat drinking water in a funny way, then you chould see this.

06 January 2010

I'm a large beagle

I saw a documentary by national geographic about dog science... it was really interesting. It's amazing how fast humans have managed to breeds diffrent kind of dogs. Why can't you change the mind and looks of other animals as easily? I think it seems like an amazing thing to do, to breed a new kind of dog. Exactly like you want it. It's weird how much people choose dogs after appearence and don't think about the mind of the dog. Why they were bread in the first place. For instance, I know a husky looks like a wolf and that is über cool, but having a husky can be just like having a cat. They prefer to take care of them selves. I really liked sleddogs when I was younger, but when I got to Lofoten and met a whole bunch of them I realized that they woren't as cozy as you might want your dog.
Now I would want a dog who was really cleaver, loved the water, had soft ears and a friendly nose.

I also saw a documentary about cats... well half of it. I fell asleep. Obviously, they didn't have much to tell about them.

By the way, I love finding my photos on other blogs... it makes me feel...so..FAMOUS, haha..just kidding ;) I found one here and here and here

05 January 2010

Uri the clock

So this was the last project we had in school before christmas, to design a radio alarm clock... which is rather funny since there is no silly willy who uses a radio clock now a day. But I wouldn't mind having mine... since it's so...übercool.
The 2D illustration below is done in photoshop.. we haven't started with 3D yet, Robert helped me out there with making one in 3D so that my markers-sketches wouldn't look completaly like a CRAPMAP.

04 January 2010

Little wooden things I made

For christmas I made a rhinoceros for my dad and a dachhund for my mum in our school workshop. I sort of promised my self I wouldn't do anything by hand this year, but I got some time over when I did my alarmclock (witch I will show in my next post).

03 January 2010


Robert gave me this thin 0,05 ink pen and this was the first thing I drew with it, on christmas night I think.
I'm home now and I would really like to watch some movies and eat peanutbutter but I don't know if I can beacuse I do have some school homework and on friday I'm of to France. Will there be time for Uli to be a slacker of her choise?

01 January 2010