22 December 2010


How nice is it with winter break? So nice. I feel my body coming back to life. Not going to school can really make you happy. And, it sucks to say, but school has been really boring this semester. Boring and stressful. No project has been fun. The thought of dropping out has crossed my mind more than once. I see all these teenage-blogger girls who have their own business and earn money by taking really simple (and sometimes really bad) photos for people. And then I'm like...whaaaae, I could do that!
And I will....eh eh eh. I have too. But I'm not dropping out. However I think it's time to think about putting myself out there more, even if it's just simple things like wedding and family photos. But I feel like I really need some tips on were to start. What comes first?
First came the egg and then the chicken.


  1. Du e så vakker, Ulrika.

  2. Tack kära du :) Du är också vacker Signe, hoppas jag hinner fotografera dig då jag kommer upp till Lofoten!
    Kram och God Jul :)

  3. du är den min givna bröllopsfotograf om jag någonsin gifter mig :)