06 December 2010


After a long walk through the snowy forest and a big bowl of pumpkin soup, me and Robert thought it was time to build a snow animal, since the snow was finally moist enough.
It's face had some problems, at first Robert made it and I started to complain that it was too scary. So I gave it a weird-looking hat and tried to change the nose a little... and then it sort of looked like a weird old lady animal. So we made the nose bigger... and then it looked like it had a beak. The kids living next door came out and said "Look at the sword!". That's not right. Robert went home and I changed the face a last time... so now it's an elephant thingie with a hat? Maybe?
It's really big, if you stand on it's back you reach up to it's hat :)

Here's my snow animals from last winter, they died after one day :(


  1. Hej!
    Jag vet att du tidigare har nämnt en liten digitalkamera som du använder i bland. Kan inte hitta inlägget. Får man fråga vilken det är, igen?

    & tack för en fin blogg!

  2. Canon S90 heter den, här är inlägget förövrigt:

    Kan stark rekommendera den!

  3. Fantastiskt, tack!