13 December 2010

School project: handtool

So then, what is this???
What has Uli designed?
Is it some useless shit?

It's a flashlight / night lamp made for children and nerdy design collectors.
It doesn't run on batteries but is charged up by hand. There is actually quit a lot of hand-chargeable flashlights on the market right now. And it makes sense. You don't have to charge it a very long time. I bought a really cheap one a while ago... it shone for over 3 hours after I charged it for like... 8 seconds.
So either you use it as a flashlight (for indoor use mostly) or you charge it up and leave by the bed as a nightlight.
Robert was a real sweetheart and helped me with making the 3D-models (bottom pictures). Top picture is of the model from the workshop. Body material is wood. Cone is from a indian tonic bottle.
I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, there are still a lot I'm not sure about concerning it's shape, color and material.


  1. hihi riktigt cool uppfinning och nytänkande. Tycker verkligen du kan jobba med den iden och utveckla design och utseende ännu mer =) spännande!

  2. hehe, då får jag göra det om några år då jag inte är så trött på designen ;)

  3. Me lova lova!! kan jag få DET i julklapp? jag som är mörkrädd o allt...hade varit perfekt :)

  4. jaaa, du kunde ju fått den om den hade funkat! Men denna är bara en liten trämodell som inte kan lysa :)

  5. so cool! when you open your own design studio, don't forget to advertise. :)

  6. I think this turned out really great. Much better then I expected from briefly seeing some details during the procedure of creation

  7. Love it !!!

    John S.

  8. Tufft! :)
    Hade definitivt passat bra i flera andra sammanhang. Stilren!