20 November 2010


Korpus illustration for december 2011

Hello hello. Woah, everything was supposed to go so smoothley with the calendar this year, but it sure hasn't. First of the people who printed the calendar made a whole mess of the situation and were quit rude and unprofessional to me at the end. At first I was so happy to find a good printing company, but now I doubt I'll use them again. I hate when I feel like a little girl in a men's world. I wan't to stand there and say "You did wrong, you have to give me a discount!"... and instead I end up saying "...why are you so mad at me?(buhu).."
And then I'm having problems with paypal, with receiving the money from the people who live abroad that bought the calendar. Transactions keep failing and money keeps disappearing. Like my boyfriend said, I too could have a company that takes money and pisses people off.
Also, the christmas fair to which I maid the calendars for, seems to get a little smaller this year because so many people have dropped out.
So nothing is uphill right know. Maybe it will be soon. Let's hope so.