11 November 2010

Christmas Fair

Hello everyone, if you live in Lund you should visit the christmas fair that we design students will have on the 28th of november. I will sell my calendar and some wood foxes.
Is it hard to tell who drew the poster?
Because if it is, I'll give you a hint: the name sounds like olly.

Tomorrow we have a light installation presentation. We've been working all day with the photo presentations and now I almost wanted to lay down and cry(almost did) because I simply COULDN'T get the filmed material into the computer, and the cameras manual says nothing about how to connect the shit with the computer. Luckily, I tried it on my MacBook instead and then it worked. However, when I edit photos or film I want to sit by the big iMac screen... but no no that won't be possible. So now I'm blogging on the iMac, searching through my musiclibrary on the old Macbook, and downloading the filmed material into my new Macbook. I feel like a macnerd. However, I don't feel like a connecting-camera-with-computer nerd.


  1. Compliments on your work, really nice!

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