09 November 2010

Calendar 2011

Here is the first print of the Korpus calendar!
This time I'm letting a print publisher take care of the printing, but I'll still have to bind them myself. Two years ago when I made my first calendar it was so much work printing them all and I think I lost more money than I gained. The paper and ink was ridiculously expensive. But hopefully things will float along more smoothly this year :)

I'm selling the small calendar ( ≈ 15x30 cm) for 150 SEK
and a bigger one (≈ 21x42 cm) for 250 SEK

The small calendar is on the picture above. The color of the paper will be light brown-ish.
If anyone wants to PRE-ORDER a calendar please do so :) Just send me an e-mail:


It's really good if I know as soon as possible so that I can change my order to the printers.
There will also be a shipping cost (unless you're able to come to the christmas fair here in Lund on the 28th of november and buy it yourself), depending on were in the world you live. More informations about this will come later.

Now you're only an email away from having little Korpus on your wall all throughout 2011!


  1. Vill ha vill ha! Kommer du alltså att stå och sälja de på Mårtenstorget på skyltsöndan?

  2. Heiia! Nä, vi industridesigner kommer ha en egen julmarknad inne på AF-borgen mellan 10-17 hela skyltsöndagen, kom dit då! Korpus väntar på dig.

  3. Jag vill beställa en! Får den stora plats i ett A3-kuvert? I så fall är det inte så dyrt att posta till Hong Kong =)

  4. Xiao, visst kan jag posta till Hong Kong, skicka bara ett mail till mig med din adress! När jag vet vad porto blir för paketet kan jag kontakta dig igen.

  5. wow, amazing drawings...
    I love your work