31 October 2010

Home sweet home

Ah, it is nice to be back home! Fresh cool air and yellow autumn leaves :)
I don't have a lot of awesome photos from the trip (except from me and Robert goofing around) but I'm sure I can find some silly monkey pictures to post.
Meanwhile, look what I found in the mail back at home! It seem I'm featured in the swedish FOTO magazine. It's funny, I wanted to send in my photos in the "young photographer" section in this magazine when I was like 14 years old... now I did it 8 years later. Heh, not as young anymore. Still not very old I guess. Well, it was a fun surprise anyway!


  1. sjukt coolt att du kom med,
    grattis älskling! :)

  2. whii är du hemma nu, hoppas du hade det trevlig i djungeln trots alla apor. Kul med artikeln i FOTO också, specillt eftersom man så väl kommer ihåg hur du satt där i biblioteket på spyken och funderade på att skicka in bilder... bättre sent än aldrig!

  3. wooow! coolt supergrattis!

  4. Thanks for the great Post – very COOL!!!