05 September 2010

Uli by others I

Photo by Annah Sæthre (backstageshoot while my schoolmate Emma Backlund was photographing me in Sopot, Poland)

I think it's really fun to model for other photographers than... ehm... myself. Finally you don't have to think about the exposure, shutter speed, light, shadows, angles, the model...bla bla. You can just kick back and hope the photographer won't get the worst side of you. Because everyone has quit a lot of faces. Both pretty and ugly. People who tell me "Oh, I always look ugly on photos" I simply respond with "That's not you being ugly, that's just photographers being crappy!". I just had a look at a whole lot of pictures of me I had copied from someone I used to know about three years back. And I truly looked like the ugliest girl in every single one of them. But instead of thinking Wow, I'm butt ugly I wondered why the person taking the pictures never once tried to stay still, look around and klick when the moment was right.
So - if you feel like you look like shit every time the camera gets near, try to relax your face really quick and if that doesn't work - blame the photographer ;)

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