22 August 2010

Here comes the bride

I wonder if I will ever get married in this wedding dress I bought on second hand for 100 SEK (about 10 euro)? Haha, it wouldn't surprise me if I did, although it looks like a rag. I just wonder what my sister would say! "Oooeh my good Ulrika, you are soooo embarrassing!"
But it's hard to see how the dress looks on the photos off course. Hm... wonder what kind of bride one would be? A bride breathing with panic in her eyes through a paper bag or a attention seeking little shit?

( Btw, so happy for the self trigger Robert gave me, finally I can shoot up in trees :)


  1. bilden längst ner var jättefin!

  2. oh but darling...yes ofcourse I would say that..but then after a few "adjustments" of hair, jewellery and cuts it would be just perfect ;)!!!love ya