21 August 2010

Ann-Kristin and Winnie

Photo for the dog/owner project. My neighbor Ann-Kristin and her dog Winnie.

Wow, I really feel like my people skills have gotten down to a really poor level. I used to be quite good with connecting with my models, but now I haven't photographed strangers for so long that I'm really rusty. I'm mumbling away like some Leibovitz women(yes she actually connects rather bad with her models, just read her book). When I'm up in Lofoten teaching I always talk about this, the best way to prepare a model before a shoot and how to act during a shoot. And now it's like I haven't heard my self speak.
I'm even to shy to ask people with dogs on the street. What's happening to me? It took me a while to be brave enough when I photograph... and now I've been slacking with useless self portraits and macroshit for so long that I forgot what it's like to work with REAL people. Shame on me. I want to say: well let's just get back on the horse, but really, with school starting I don't know if I will.

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  1. aww!! Men dette var jo utrolig fint da. Ser ut som de snakker med hverandre med øynene :-)

    Og hvis du ikke har sett han før: http://johnny-miller.com/ . Syntes food kategorien hans var fantastisk. Sitter her å sikler fortsatt :-) Mangler bare oppskriftene under. hehe..