09 June 2010


Finally I dusted off my macro lens and took it out for a spin in the botanic garden. I was afraid that the pictures would get blurry since it's a 90 mm compared to the 70 mm I shot the previous macro things with, but it worked fine, I have a steady hand. With a real macro you can get so very very close, it's wonderful. But oh my lord, did I get dizzy!! When I shoot I always hold my breath, and I was really concentrating on holding my hands steady and waiting for the wind to stop moving the flowers, so every shot took a little while and I always forget that I hold my breath, so in the end I got so many head rushes that I almost fainted.

When photographing these poppy flowers I really understood the "give away your flower" phrase (loosing your virginity that is). What can look more sexual than these flower buds?

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  1. Woah, these are wicked. I know the feeling by the way – trying to keep hands still and so on – the more I try, the more they shake!