27 May 2010

Summer break

Tomorrow is the LAST day of school and after that my summer break is comming... which could mean that I can finally get more time to draw and photograph and make this blog alive! Because I really hate the way Ulicam has been fading away like a fart this year. I mean, yeah, compared to other people I have very few people reeding my blog, but I'm really happy for the ones I've got so I do want to make the blog active. Really, a big hug to everyone who takes the time to look here now and then, it really means a lot to me! So hopefully there will be more happening here during the summer.
I don't have any special plans for summer, my vacation money is going away to mine and Roberts Thailand trip in october (yes, we are nuts - going in the middle of the monsoon period :) so I mostly just want to lay on the beach and relax. Ok... that's not entirely true since I'm really bad at relaxing. I mean, I can take an one hours power-nap and then panic for wasting the time. But overall, this is my plan:
June Get drivers license
July Have at least 15 illustrations done for my book
August Have at least 10 photographs done for my new photoproject about dogs

But - I don't know how many summers I've said that I'll write my frickin' childrensbook. And I don't! Uli, get a grip!! I have to at least START this year. Or I'll have to give myself a slap.

A new porcelain piece by Kate MacDowell that I really like


  1. shit vad najs med sommarlov! tänk om jag också hade det, åhhh vad gött det hade varit! :)
    vad fin bild förresten, o vad fin klänning du har.

    ha en härlig kväll och ha det så bra på din sista lektion imorrn! puss

  2. Hih, tack sötnos, fast det är faktiskt inte en klänning, det är mammas gamla kjol som jag knutit runt mig bara :)

  3. fiiiina fiiiina syster yster. + planer för uli juli: -åka o hälsa på syster i italien

  4. jättefin porslinsvas. Jättefint foto på dig!!! :) Glad sommmar Uli och lycka till med alla projekten!! :D