10 May 2010

Rude people

Don't you just hate older people who are in some way in the estetic business and think that they're the gods of this world? Like, I've been working with art longer than you so I know what I'm talking about. Aurgh - it drives me crazy! And they don't even have to say something rude - it's simply the way they say it or the way they look at you.
One of our teachers said, in this business - be nice to people and work hard. That's the way to do it.
But some people are just utter ass holes. I just talked to one.


  1. Well, as they say in Yorkshire, ‘chin up’. To be honest, I bet it’s because they felt threatened by your talent!

  2. What kinda school do you attend? Is it in Lund?

  3. I go to the industrial design school in Lund:

  4. problemet ligger ju i dig, när du till och med blir stött när någon tittar på dig 'på ett visst sätt'.

  5. Jammen, om du vill lägga bajset på mig så får du faktiskt stå för vem du är och inte kalla dig anonym, det är bara barnsligt.