29 May 2010


Crapers! Off course my body is starting to relax a bit too much now that school is over, so my throat feels slimy and dry at the same time. And a feel a little weak and pathetic, like a hamster who's pressed to much dry food into his cheeks. He looks fat and has a hard time to balance. I hope I won't do the same things like our hamster Urban did... which would be sit with his belly out, poop, take the poop and put it back into his mouth. Nothing is coming out of this body, that's probably what he thought.
Or maybe I'm feeling a little sick because I took that picture, sitting with no clothes on on a meadow that wasn't very warm at all! Mäh mäh määäh.


  1. hahaha urban! :) så liten och så förvirrad.
    han visste nog inte riktigt vad det var som ploppade ut därnere

  2. nää.. han bara : WOW, det kommer stora chokladkakor ut ur rumpan på mig!!