21 April 2010

Lazy sketching

This is one of my some what ugly sketches I've cluttered down during a class. I actually don't know if you can use cluttered in that sentence. But I did. Hah!
Outside the wind is blowing hard and it is cold as hell, I've really noticed that this trip back to winter has made my mood go sour the latest days. I have this small tick in the back of my head that's pissed of all the time.
And all I need is a little sun with no wind.
Pretty much only one day left until my birthday. I'm kinda bad at celebrating birthdays. I always end up doing something silly like running around on a playground or watching Harry Potter. Like at a kids party.
But I'm turing 22, I'm not a child. But if I drink wine I can't go on the swings later because it'll make me ill (oh, who are we kidding, after you've passed 19 years, everyone get's a little sick after swinging around on the swings)

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