01 April 2010


Hei hei hei and happy easter!! I've already done my first onion coloring with eggs today. It's been great :) And tomorrow I'm doing it again with my girlfriends and on saturday with my mum. Wooooo..eeeeeggs. Eggs eggs egg.
The photos above are of a model named Emma. I'm trying to get a foot in at sweden models to be able to work with their new faces during the summer (so that for once I might be able to work with photography a little). But first... I have to show them that I'm not a garbage girl and make some photos for free for a couple of girls. I've always frown upon when people want you to do a bunch of things for free. Do they really want to see if you're good enough or do they just want to squeeze some juice before they pay for the oranges?
But hey, that's life!
I hope your easter is glorious! I'm gonna put in a little post about the wonderful onion egg coloring later.


  1. Najs! :P

    jag tror det är lite både och det där med att jobba gratis hehe :)

    jag kikade in på deras hemsida lite snabbt. kolla den här! http://www.swedenmodels.se/models/126/12639_42.jpg?142

    ascool ju! :P

    puss puss

  2. Emma bland benknotor tycker jag var härligt symbolisk.