17 April 2010


I'm really bad at using necklaces and rings and such. I have quit a lot of it, but most of the times I just think it's in the way. My sister is more of a bling bling fan than me. She still considers diamonds to be a girls best friend, while I still think that a dog would be a girls best friend ;)
Sometimes I like it, I just often forget to wear it.
My favorite one now is the one with the amber pieces hanging on a linen string. Maybe because it's from Latvia and doesn't feel so stiff as all the other jewelry out there.

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  1. Ihihihi, yes yes yes, I dooooo love diamonds! I am starting to "re-love" my bling bling ring that I bought wen I was 16, remember that one???
    very Vougue-ish the picture :), me like