23 March 2010

Meeting strange dogs

In Norway I visited two of my lofotenfriends, Inge and Mikkel. They gave me food, dessert and a rabbit (to hold for the evening). Inge asked if he couldn't get the unstad-Korpus picture, seen above.
And so I thought that I could write something short about the illustration. I started drawing Korpus in Lofoten, he always represented myself and so I drew different situations I had been in through the little scared Korpus-character. The picture above is from when I went with Inge and his brother one early morning to Unstad in Lofoten to watch and photograph when they surfed. It was freeeezing and they were out there in their wetsuits while I was sitting comfortably in many layers of wool and windproof fabric. After a while however, Inge got so cold that he had to go back to the car, so I kept him company togheter with a small black dog I had found strolling around on the beach. I remember that I really couldn't understand why anyone would want to go surfing when it was... like -8 degrees outside in icecold water. But, some people do! I wonder whose dog that was though... huueh. The photo under the illustration is also of a strange dog that I found in Sopot i Poland. Exciting with strange dogs! Hohoho.
Some people ask me if I have stopped drawing Korpus, but I can promise one thing, I'll never stop drawing Korpus! He's cool (although he's scared :)

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  1. Love this!!! :) xx