08 March 2010

High and low

Hello from the mountains high and the forest low! The exam is done and now I have a week to do things that are just about me and not about school. That feels really nice.

Oh... and I can't help myself to write this, I saw the first 20 minutes of New Moon, had a few laughs and then I had to turn it off. How can two people possibly look so filled with pain all the time? Even when they kiss it's like they both have menstrual pain. It funny. Hihi. Teenagers in lovepain. What to do what to do.
I liked how this page described the first movie:
" Part of the trouble is the complete lack of character development. Bella is a teenager, has divorced parents, drives a truck and knows how to do a Google search. That is the approximate extent of all knowledge about her. Edward is a vampire who sparkles, has bad hair and loves Debussy. Chemistry between the two characters is nonexistent. It appears as though two cardboard cutouts have been animated to stare and breath heavily at one another while spewing clichés."


  1. hehehe.. veldig bra beskrivelse av filmen! Også er ho så sur. Ho smiler litt mer i filmen: Adventureland. Men mest sur...

  2. "Hello from the mountains high and the forest low!" has a nice ring to it.

    Hello from someplace far.

  3. Hello Gracia far far away!

    Kamkam: jo jag har sett adventureland...man hon är lite samma i alla filmer...osäker och mummlandes