17 March 2010

Here's your set

Hello darlings!
Maybe I was rude when I wrote that I'm going up to Lofoten but didn't really mention what I'm dong here. I'm back at my old photoschool to be a guest teacher for a week. Yesterday I had an introduction about myself and what I've done so far in my life and then I had a class about face retouching. Today I've talked about fashion photography and given the student an fashion photo assignment. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about were I find my inspiration and after lunch we are going to take some pictures and practise putting the model into interesting poses. So today after lunch I tried to put together a set were we could shoot the model - seen on the photo above. So the picture is of the SET, it is not a picture of Uli. Although she is in the picture.
But now, I have to go and wash my hair you see! Because in an hour I have to be down at the aquarium to see some slideshow of fish (I'm actually in it for the snacks) and then tonight I will hopefully get some help with updating my OLD homepage. Please please let it work! I can't stand having so many crappy pictures still on the page.

I hope your day has been shiny!
Lot's of love - Uli
(those are not my shoes...I'm not a circusfreak)


  1. coolt ställe! där finns ju alla möjliga fräsiga saker att leka med. :)

    dom där skorna ser ju för övrigt ut att tillhöra yetin hehe

    du får ha det så bra babe! puss puss

  2. the teeny-tiny comment made me laugh out loud. kind of awkward considering I'm at work, haha.

    love the picture!

  3. Robert: Ja du skulle kännt på dom! Det är en sån asfet träsula och varje sko väger typ 10 kilo..helt crazy, jag förstår inte hur och vem som har använt dom... det är nog sånna skor man sätter på sig när man är en jätte och vill dränka sig i havet.

    Ilze: Thank you. And teeny tiny comments are always the best ;)