07 March 2010

Happy sunday

Hello hello in the cabin!
I just realized something, I feel really good :) I feel this warm calm sensation in my body...which is very rare since I am always stressing about something. I have my mechanics exam tomorrow but my nerves feel fine. Strange. I have how ever gotten a cold, but it is probably just from relaxing. You know...you relax... so your body relaxes... so you get sick.
I saw the first springflowers when I was going home from Robert this morning..and that always makes me superhappy. The sun is shining. The future doesn't look so numb. I have some ideas in my head.

Illustration above was drawn this friday during our day of wood-project presentations in school.

I wish you a superb sunday!
Lot's of love

1 comment:

  1. yay, vår! jag cyklade faktiskt runt lite idag utan jacka. det var najs och inte alls så kallt som man skulle tro att det skulle vara. vet du vad det är? ännu ett vårtecken!

    najs bild förresten! fast jag gillar inte riktigt att han hänger i luften, tror den skulle sitta lite bättre med mark under fötterna..