26 March 2010

Braid: Fishtail

I thought that maybe I could do a series of different braid photography. If that... by any chance...could be interesting. And so the fishtail braid is first up! Fishtails always look a little extra pretty and if you don't know how to make one, there are instructions here, here and here! Some people (that being female people) seem to think it's really hard - but it's actually even more simple than a usual braid. Instead of separating the hair into 3 piece you separate it into 2!
I love when girls with long hair make long braids. Often, the braid are prettiest if you make them strong and then wrench them a bit so that they don't look so straight and boring.

Apart from braids, this is my first easter break day! It has been gorgeous. It's been so warm outside that I was able to lay in the garden in my bikini. And Lollo was really happy too and ran around and caught spiders and rolled round in the grass. And yesterday I found out that I had gotten the top grade in the mechanics exam! That was weird, I was like the top 4th in my class. which I really didn't think I would be since I was the only one screaming I don't get it!! during our classes. And then... then I found a sex and the city episode that I had never seen! Isn't that great ;) And then I ran up the stairs and made some monkey noises. And now I'm here.


  1. Well done on the exam! I escaped exams by doing an art course at uni…. Do you sell your photographs? I’d like to get one or two of them sometime in the future.

  2. Aah, everything can be bought! Just contact me on my email and say what photo (and in which size) you're interested in!