15 February 2010

I'm coloring!

It's funny in a way that I try to make a big deal out of the fact that I've started coloring for the first time in a very long time with a wow look what I'm doing I'm so cool when the only one giving a shit is... well... me probably, but since I'm running out of posts during these dark winterdays I have to make fire out of ash!
So this is my fire! The whole picture will be posted when I'm done coloring... heh...but I'm as slow as a moron so it might take a while. Surprisingly I like it, I've always been afraid of color because it's so easy to mess everything up. You have to be good to know color. That's what I usually say about color photography too, to make a really juicy picture without it ending up looking like an annoying little shit can be a tricky. Not today...for me...eh (me me me) but when you're a new beginner... and you suck... because everyone has to suck a little at first... (I hate being bad at things! Why am I bad at so many things, why can't I rock at everything? I don't understand mechanics..and then there is mechanics... and yes I would like to BURN my mechanics textbooks...maybe that could be my next FIRE?). Eh, what I wanted to say is that if no one sucked then the ones who don't suck wouldn't be able to feel so good about themselves.
But then, some creatures don't understand that they are bad at things... like our cat, he doesn't know that he is really bad at talking and showing good manners... and since he doesn't know he doesn't feel bad and therefore he is really arrogant.
So if you don't suck a little during your life you will be just like our cat. With bad manners and a fluffy belly.
You do understand why I keep writing? It's because my mechanics textbooks are right next to me and the very minute I stop writing I have to continue with them...so I can't stop...can't...
oh crap
(and I didn't claim that I don't suck at coloring... that's not...it's not what I wrote..no no)


  1. hahaha! ballt skrivet! åhh kan vi inte bränna mekanikböckerna samtidigt som vi eldar upp bocken!?
    fast.. det får nog bli EFTER tentan då hehe :P

    jag tycker det går utmärkt hittils, ska bli kul att se när den är färdig!

  2. sweetiepie då...fiiin fiiint är det....like the dolls! nu ska jag ut o så har jag fixat håret o vad tro du händer, dt började regna för 3 min sen...fuuuuuuck...o where he hell is my umbrella med marilyn monroe? hemma i lund antar jag..aaaaaah