14 February 2010

The Boat That Rocked

This fabulous movie with it's fabulous soundtrack kind of reminds me of my time at folkhögskolan in Lofoten. The way you live in a little bubble with a bunch of people on a place were there really isn't any other people around. It's not really the way life usually works, but you sure get comfortable. I have to say though, if you have the chance to live like this for a while, you should try it! I think that some people love to move around a lot (like a backpacker) and meet new people every day, while there are other people who love grouphangs and really learning to love one place and love every persons personality just as it is.

I can recommend the movie to all who haven't seen it, I think it's hard to not love it!

Happy valentines everyone


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  2. Elsker den filmen! Fantastico :-)

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