26 January 2010

winter and fall

Above would be a photo of a very gorgeous person, trying to get some fresh cold air into our tiny room that were shared with 4 other people in Val Thorens. And below would be an older picture I took while that gorgeous person was away to Canada during the fall.

Me and Robert draw very differently. I make these simple ink pictures by hand that look like they've been done by a ten year old while Robert paints on the computer and really goes into the details and colors, here is one of his resent pictures.

And to other things, school has been a pain in my behind these latest days, we can't seem to finish faster than 18.00 every day and I haven't got time to study anything more/else when I get home because I'm completely beat. Ugh. And that's what grinds my gears... as Peter would say it.
I have actually made a spotifyplaylist... like... for you... with just a few songs that I like...so you can take it here <--

1 comment:

  1. åh uli, stackars liten. du som trodde du skulle gå 2 timmar idag o sluta 12..
    men du, glöm inte att säga till om du behöver hjälp med matten eller vad det nu kan vara.
    ses imorrn babe, puss