23 January 2010

Lady and the pet

I drew this one in France.
Not every lady has a lion.
Nope nope.

Avatar was pretty beautiful. Really good animation. The story might have been a little too plain for my taste and the american-feel was to obvious. But the main thing that bothered me...was...the DUDE sitting in front of me who was 200 meter tall and his fat head took up half the screen and the 3D effect was totally mushed!! I should have kicked that guys ass when we got outside. But since I had to make a sissy(pee) really bad when the movie was over I didn't have the strenght for that.
I would like to see it again, without the head.


  1. Haha, aw. You should have faked a few sneezes – maybe he’d move if he thought he was getting germs on the back of his head.

  2. Not every lady has a lion, true, true... but one can live in hope or through vivid dreams