06 January 2010

I'm a large beagle

I saw a documentary by national geographic about dog science... it was really interesting. It's amazing how fast humans have managed to breeds diffrent kind of dogs. Why can't you change the mind and looks of other animals as easily? I think it seems like an amazing thing to do, to breed a new kind of dog. Exactly like you want it. It's weird how much people choose dogs after appearence and don't think about the mind of the dog. Why they were bread in the first place. For instance, I know a husky looks like a wolf and that is über cool, but having a husky can be just like having a cat. They prefer to take care of them selves. I really liked sleddogs when I was younger, but when I got to Lofoten and met a whole bunch of them I realized that they woren't as cozy as you might want your dog.
Now I would want a dog who was really cleaver, loved the water, had soft ears and a friendly nose.

I also saw a documentary about cats... well half of it. I fell asleep. Obviously, they didn't have much to tell about them.

By the way, I love finding my photos on other blogs... it makes me feel...so..FAMOUS, haha..just kidding ;) I found one here and here and here


  1. najs! fast du skulle gjort nåt mer med husen kanske?
    fast ja, hus är kanske inte lika kul att rita som hundar :)

    ha det gött. puss

  2. Hihi..nää..så är det tyvärr..hundar är kul..hus är fyrkantiga och tråkiga :)

    puss puss püss

  3. Mäkta imponerad av din blogg. Så talangfull och vacker. Nu sitter Fröken förkläde på Svens rum, ständigt vakande över honom - känns tryggt.
    P.S. Då dina kortfilmer imponerade på min man erbjuder han sig att medverka i framtida kortfilmer, med andra ord - han vill väldigt gärna ;)


  5. sv: vilken mysig kommentar, tackkk!!!

  6. Hih, vad kul att din man gillade mina stop motion filmer. Ska ha honom i tankarna om jag gör något mer i framtiden :)
    kramen kramen